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Language learning is fun and truly beneficial, and English language learning is no exception. It is considered as the medium of communication to people of different languages, and because of that it can be a medium to advance your position at work, or to get a better education. But more importantly, English can be a medium to understand the world we live in and its people.

About the Tutor

Name: Anna

Age: 27

Nationality: Filipino

Location: South America

Profession: English Teacher


Bachelor of Science in Education major in English

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management


ESL Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate and Advance language learners
– The class focuses on Listening and Speaking to develop the learner’s language skills  which include, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The class’ main objective is for the learner to gain confidence in interacting using the English language.

Language Tests and English Subject Assistance
– For non-native English speakers who need someone to guide them in reviewing and preparing for language tests like, TOEFL, IELTS, and others.

– For non-native English speakers who have English subjects and need remedial classes to cope with the classroom lessons, or help with their homework.

Business English and English for Specific Purposes
– For business, medical and other professionals, who want  to learn or review basic English conversations and English equivalent of terms specific to their field.

good internet connection
Instant Messenger: Skype, Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN
Basic Windows applications: MS Word, Powerpoint, audio player,etc.
Acrobat reader

Fees and methods of payment
7 US dollars per hour
6 US dollars per hour if you book for 10 hours

Payment can be sent through:



Money transfer: Western Union (www.westernunion.com)
Payment should be made before the class starts.

For your questions and more information please contact me at:

Email: sapere.aude24@gmail.com

Buddyschool.com: Activeminds


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